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Welcome to my blog!

18 noviembre, 2011

This blog is for my students from FPA Font de Sant LLuís,  an Adult Education  Institution.

Welcome to this new school year! 

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Here you have new materials. I hope you enjoy them.

latest news

april fool's

Vocabulary and reading

Some of the best April Fools’ hoaxes

Fallas vocabulary

Learning strategies

With all my best wishes for Christmas

Christmas should be a time of peace.

This is a remake of classic Lennon’s song “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”

Interactive Christmas book acebo

Click on the cover.

The following plays are going to be represented by our students. We invite you to attend them

♣ Monday, June 17th at 10:45. Room 4

  • SLOW FOODtheatre_2faces

  ♣ Wednesday, June 19th at 18:00. Room 5


Learning to learn





PIANO STAIRS. The Fun Theory approach

I’d love to hear what you think about the experiment.
  • Would you have taken the stairs that day?
  • When the stairs returned to normal, do you think people just went back to using the escalator?
  •  Can you think of any boring jobs or activities that could be made more interesting and motivating using the Fun Theory approach?

One of my students has sent to me this interesting link.

Here you have some activities with this song

First day. The English class. Some of my beginner students are probably  thinking:

Oh my God! What’s this man saying?

Photo by Laurent Schwebel

You can see part of his photographic work. Click here

An environmental tragedy

We have the responsibility to do something about this human disaster

The performance of “The three wishes” play was really a successful event

The importance of teaching English



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